Eternal Champion ~ Crypt Sermon (Album Release) ~ Sanhedrin ~ Plague Dogs

Eternal Champion

Crypt Sermon, Sanhedrin, Plague Dogs

All Ages
Dave Kiss Presents: Eternal Champion, Crypt Sermon, Sanhedrin, and Plague Dogs

Eternal Champion

Inspired by the epic fantasy of Michael Moorcock and savage, pre-Christian war sagas comes ETERNAL CHAMPION, an epic heavy metal band forged in the siege-fires of Austin, Texas, featuring members of Iron Age and Graven Rite, Power Trip, Cruxiter and Hammerwhore and others, and carrying on in the heroic tradition of Manilla Road, Warlord, Omen, Brocas Helm, Cirith Ungol, Metal Church, Griffin, Liege Lord, etc.

Crypt Sermon

Founded on the principles of unwavering epic doom metal, CRYPT SERMON exists to drive out the current trends choking the scene.


Brooklyn’s Sanhedrin scale boundaries and elude genre norms on their second studio album, The Poisoner. The band’s intoxicating blend of doom and classic metal is complemented by lyrics that delve into the darker elements of humanity and the cyclical nature of destructive ideas. Thought-provoking and inherently catchy at the same time, The Poisoner is indicative of a band unafraid to venture into unchartered territory.

Plague Dogs

Plague Dogs play d-beat crust with strong speedmetal tendencies and an even more sparkly pronounced love of NWOBHM. If a mutant hybrid of Inepsy, Amebix, and Tank appeals but you want it done fresh with an eye not toward reclaiming 80's glory but making that glory relevant now, Plague Dogs are for you.

Venue Information:
531 N. 12th St
Philadelphia, PA, 19123