Spanish Love Songs ~ Future Teens ~ Dollar Signs

Spanish Love Songs

Future Teens, Dollar Signs

All Ages
Dave Kiss Presents: Spanish Love Songs, Future Teens and Dollar Signs at First Unitarian Church

Spanish Love Songs

“When you’re young, you just want to be heard,” opines Dylan Slocum.

The singer and guitarist of LA-based punk quintet SPANISH LOVE SONGS is referencing his band, but he could just as easily be talking about himself. Since forming in 2014, Spanish Love Songs certainly have been heard, from legions of underground audiences at The Fest and South By Southwest to outlets like NPR, who hailed the group’s 2018 album, Schmaltz, as a “wellspring of big ideas, bigger riffs and the biggest possible feelings about love, war, fear and existential crisis.”

Future Teens

future teens is a summer / bummer rock band from boston, ma

Dollar Signs

Dollar Signs is an anxious pop band from North Carolina. Dollar Signs sounds like if every member of the Beach Boys had a Xanax prescription and worked at Best Buy. Dollar Signs looks like a bunch of people who record anime reaction videos for YouTube. Dollar Signs is a Big Dogs shirt come to life. Dollar Signs can poison your stepdad if you want. Dollar Signs is 20% lactose intolerant. Dollar Signs will always be there for you. Dollar Signs then. Dollar Signs now. Dollar Signs forever.

Venue Information:
First Unitarian Church
2125 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA, 19103