The Boss Martians ~ The Primitive Finks ~ The Delstroyers

The Boss Martians

The Primitive Finks, The Delstroyers

Ages 21+
Dave Kiss Presents: The Boss Martians, The Primitive Finks and The Delstroyers at Kung Fu Necktie

The Boss Martians

Surf/Frat Rock from Seattle, WA.

The Primitive Finks

After many years under unfathomable watery depths, a strange and primitive sound floats to the surface. "Pa-Pa-Oom-Mow-Mow."

The Delstroyers

The Delstroyers emerged from the mists of Seattle, WA in 2016, awash in reverb and cloaked in black. Their dark, instrumental surf melodies pay homage to both the founders of the genre and the revivalists of the 1990s, all wrapped in an undying love for things that go bump in the night. In 2017 they unleashed their debut full-length record "Diabolical" on an unsuspecting populace, and the summer of 2019 will see them team up with Hi-Tide Recordings to bring forth "Resurrected", four new tracks of spooky drip and biting fuzz.

Venue Information:
Kung Fu Necktie
1250 N. Front St.
Philadelphia, PA, 19122