The Fleshtones ~ Nixon's Head ~ Brother JT

The Fleshtones

Nixon's Head, Brother JT

Ages 21+
Dave Kiss Presents: The Fleshtones, Nixon's Head and Brother JT at Silk City

The Fleshtones

The Fleshtones are Peter Zaremba (vocals, harmonica, & organ), Keith Streng (guitar & vocals), Bill Milhizer (drums & vocals), and Ken Fox (bass & vocals). Based in Brooklyn, New York, the quartet's origins lie just a few miles north in Queens, where in 1975 Streng and original bass player Marek Pakulski rented "The House," as it was infamously known, and found instruments down in the basement. To quote Keith: "How and why The Fleshtones started was that there was a place to do it!" Countless "Blue Whale Bashes," Lower East Side sightings, and an endless string of gigs and records later, The Fleshtones continue to record and perform with a wit, passion, and energy that few bands can top.

Nixon's Head

Stuck on a station on the car radio, somewhere between AM and FM and from1967 to 1973. That's where you'll find Nixon's Head. Philadelphia's longtime garage-pop torchbearers (and occasional Clash tribute band, under the guise of The Magnificent Seven) return with new and old variations on their four-on-the-floor spell.

Brother JT

You can take the car out of the garage, but you can't seem to take the garage out of Brother JT. Though generally identified with latterday psychedelia thanks to early, wacked-out records on Twisted Village and Siltbreeze (not to mention hosting internet talk show "Trippin' Balls"), anyone who's heard recent albums like 2018's "Tornado Juice" (Thrill Jockey) or seen him tearing things up live will tell you Brother JT is still drawing from the same sources that fueled his earlier band, the Original Sins: 60's garage, 70's punk, 80's noise-pop, and whatever else happens to fall into the blender set on liquify that is his fevered brain. Of course JT and his bandmates are not averse to the occasional dual-guitar wah-wah flip out, but don't be surprised if they follow it with a Rutles cover.

Venue Information:
Silk City
435 Spring Garden St
Philadelphia , PA, 19123