Dead Boys

Dead Boys

The Ghost Wolves, THE TOUGH SHITS

Wed · September 5, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$15.00 - $20.00

This event is 21 and over

Dead Boys
Dead Boys
In 2017, punk rock pioneers, the Dead Boys, celebrated the 40th anniversary of their landmark first album Young, Loud and Snotty with a worldwide tour and special re-recording of the record.
Formed in Cleveland in 1976, the Dead Boys were one of the first American acts to combine the proto-punk fervor of bands like the Stooges and the New York Dolls with a new level of intense energy. Their 1977 debut LP was a pivotal album in the birth of hardcore punk and produced one of the first great punk anthems, “Sonic Reducer." After one more album, the band split in 1979. They reunited for a few gigs in the 80s, but following the death of lead vocalist Stiv Bators in 1990, the band members went their separate ways except for two brief reunions in 2004 and 2005. The return of the Dead Boys began with guitarist Cheetah Chrome.
“I've had my solo band for the last ten years, and Dead Boys songs have always been included in my shows and over time the right mix of people came together to pull off and at times enhance the Dead Boys sound. With the 40th anniversary of the Dead Boys on the horizon and a solid band that could interpret and deliver the performance and sound needed to maintain the authenticity of the Dead Boys, I reached out to Johnny Blitz about an anniversary tour and he said 'yes' and we began the journey of what would become Still Snotty.
The Ghost Wolves
The Ghost Wolves
Carley Wolf grew up with a pack of wolf - hybrid dogs on a Texas hill country ranch. When she met Jonny Wolf in 2011 and they started making music together, they named their band The Ghost Wolves as a way of remembering the beloved animals from her family who had passed on to the next life.

The Austin, Texas duo began blending blues, rock n' roll, punk and early American music with modern forms, breaking the monotony they felt working as side musicians in Americana and folk bands. Their feral sound and wild live show quickly drew them a loyal following in their hometown, and after the release of their first EP In Ya Neck! they were invited overseas to perform.

The Cramps from The Crypt meet up with The Ramones and take all the cocaine Hasil Adkins left on the floor.

The duo has since toured internationally for almost 6 years straight, with nearly 1000 shows in over 23 countries including most of Western Europe, The USA, the UK and Japan. Their second full length album, TEXA$ PLATINUM, was released in April 2017 by Berlin based label Hound Gawd! records. They are currently working with producer Rob Fraboni (The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Last Waltz) on their third album. Their music has been featured in film and TV by Netflix, HBO, Showtime and other networks.

At their shows, Carley channels Mick Jagger, Debbie Harry and Nick Cave simultaneously. She is both frightening and enlightening - her full stack guitar fuzz rumbling and rattling your brain case while she sings and squeals away in her natural Betty-Boop helium pitch. Jonny pumps out the beats, a solid foundation for Carley's throwdown. Odd instruments often find their way on stage - one string cigar box guitars, a crystal punch bowl from Jonny's grandmother's house, a metal garden watering can. These two make music in their own way, and after a Ghost Wolves show, you are made one of the pack, no choice about it.

It's not a bad time to be a wolf - or a rock n’ roller. Just like the animal, which has been previously hunted down and marginalized in the great American wilds, the music is coming back too, this time stronger than ever, and fronted by a crazy woman.
The Tough Shits are a "bunch of bros who hang out drinking tons of beers and making exceptionally catchy retro pop." - Miles Raymer
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Kung Fu Necktie
1250 N Front Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19122